Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Art is Attention

For me, mindfulness can take on many shades. It can be serious, contemplative, and sometimes playful.  It's all about paying attention, being gently awake and present to what is, in any given moment. Sometimes I certainly do a better job of it than others.

Once in a while there occurs a lovely serendipitous moment when surprising things happen. This was the case when I was on an airplane (the same trip as when I shot the strawberry hull "flower" from a recent blog entry....what a juicy day). I was reading a magazine and drinking a glass of water. I couldn't ignore the beautiful reflection the light created through the glass, which seemed to underscore the message on the page. I positioned it with my right hand, and shot in with my iPhone in my left...and I felt happy indeed...just as the beautiful calligraphed words express. I love when these things happen. Small, ordinary miracles of everyday life...these are the ones I love most.

Friday, June 4, 2010

More Lomob Love

I had a glorious day downtown yesterday. The weather was spectacular and I went to see the thesis exhibition of Masters in Art Therapy students from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Their work, reflections on their work with people in a variety of settings, was so fantastic and inspiring. It made me very excited about the road I am on.

I passed the Bean and had to act like a tourist and take a picture. Then I played with it on the Lomob app on my iPhone:

Here are some other images I've taken and played with later on Lomob. First, from the same ROYGBIV walk I took last week, proof that art is where you see it, even when there is no blazing color....just the beauty of sunlight and shadow shimmering through the trees onto the pavement of the road:

How about a set of stairs leading up to an apartment building in La Jolla, California? Wow!

And a shower door of reeds embedded in resin, made to look like it's on 35mm film with sprocket holes: 

Art. 4 Play. Yes, Art does MAKE HAPPY. Enjoy your weekend!