Sunday, July 18, 2010

Another Eye of the Needle

Does this look creative to you?  I know, I know, nothing creative about statistics. But it's the final prerequisite before my Masters Program in Art Therapy begins next month. And it's the hardest thing I've ever done: completely left-brain,  a language as alien to me as Chinese.

But I persevere. I know somehow, this experience will serve me well. And I  CAN'T WAIT till it is over in 11 days....and I can return my focus to the art part of my brain.

And I do have an art piece I want to do on this there is inspiration everywhere. Everywhere!

Besides, if I had not taken this class, I wouldn't know that a CONFIDENCE INTERVAL is a mathematical equation... I would've thought it described a good phase of self-esteem...or that DEGREES OF FREEDOM is not a band. I may write a poem about that one.

Have you found unexpected inspiration this week? Have you kept your antenna up, so as not to miss it? Sometimes it appears like a mirage, in the driest of places. Tell me about yours.

1 comment:

  1. Okay Arlene, let me tell you about 'mine'...I did indeed find unexpected inspiration. It was yesterday. My day was most definitely lacking brightness, that is truthfully understated. However, I did keep my antenna up, and then it appeared. A most inspiring, lively, inciting phone conversation with YOU! You fanned my flames my friend...seriously.
    Statistically seen, there is all the data evident here to conclude that YOU WILL BE DONE with the S word in 10 days...attitude, determination, humor, help, perseverance, and focus, did I mention 'confidence intervals' and 'degrees of freedom' (to share the frustration)? Go gettem Arlene...
    BTW, I love this image, I would use it as a background for 'more'.