Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Here I am

OK, I can't wait another minute. I've decided to get my blogging feet out there before I really know what I'm doing. That's precisely what this whole chapter of my life seems to be about right now: starting over in brand new territory and embracing change in midlife. I guess in my case it could be called "advanced" midlife, though in so many ways, I feel so much younger.

"Hineni" is Hebrew for "Here I am." It was used in the Bible when God personally called on someone to do something difficult and important. There is a sense of readiness and willingness, of taking a stand.

For me, this time of ripeness, action, and urgent willingness to grow is happening now. I didn't plan it, but it happened this way.

The goal here is to shine a light in front of myself as I start all over again at 55. To face and embrace reinvention bravely, creatively, and with humor; to keep myself company with kindness and compassion; to guide where I can and ask for help where I need it; to defy the notion that we are too old to try anything. My hope is to share my journey, my successes and challenges, and have others share theirs as well.

Come join me as I explore all things menopossible.


  1. Yay, Arlene!!!!

  2. woohoo! Way to go! Looking great! :)

  3. 'Hinech' indeed dear Arlene, beautiful words, great beginning...I relate to all these declarations of freedom, growth, opennes, and all that truly good stuff...I am so with you it's amazing...Enjoy this blog, it's beautifully designed, you'll sure to find it to be an engaging way to record the evolution of Arlene, in both words and images. I added you on my 'Creative types' list and I'll be coming to visit you often.

  4. Thank you, Orly, bless you, and no one I'd rather travel this road alongside. Much more sharing ahead, dear friend. xoxo Arlene

  5. Love this, Arlene. Love it and am honored to be invited to join along for the ride. -Lynn