Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Inspiration all around

This piece of paper is from 34 years ago. Why do I still have it? Perhaps to post it here, and remind myself that a) inspiration and amusement is all around us, at all times; and b) I must admit, I can now relate to this woman.

What are you noticing and amused by in your world today?


  1. I don't remember this particular fashionista, but I was most certainly in her general vicinity back in the day as I strolled Michigan Avenue in search of the big idea. And now, her look looks just dandy to me. Why? Because it's hers. You go girl. In fact, we all go, girls. What do I notice? How thrilled I am that somebody else has pieces of paper from 34 years ago.

  2. fyeh' I can relate to her to.

  3. so good you are documenting your journey and tying it to earlier/primal Arlene.
    keep showing up, open hearted and open spirited


  4. So excited to be included in your newest thing.