Tuesday, August 24, 2010

In the Room


It's been a few weeks without a post, because I was waiting for "an idea" before posting again. In advertising, we are idea machines....that is what we're paid to do, come up with ideas, lots of them. And always, while doing our damnedest to be creative, these ideas are a solution to a problem, some creative way to interpret or express a very carefully researched, strategized, crafted point of difference about a product or service.

Then I remembered that was not was this is about.

I started this blog to hold myself accountable on a new path, a truly creative path, into the truth of the moment, whatever that may bring. To have the courage to dive naked into my deepest creative self, and the creative spirit in others, as I pursue a course of study in Art Therapy...which by the way, begins next week.

September is upon us. This time of year always stirs things up for me. I've experienced a lot of messy, scary, complicated and confusing emotions lately that I didn't want to feel or explore. But that is the promise I made to myself, to this blog, and to my future. And the future of all those I hope to work with one day. If I don't want to "go into the room" myself, how can I help anyone else go there?

So yesterday I picked up my oil pastels, which I am not too comfortable with, and made myself work fast, trying not to think. I made the chaotic swirl of confusing feelings fly through fingertips onto paper. My hands got messy and happy. I liked the smell of the materials and the feel of the paper. I made a mess. And I felt a lot better.

I am in the room, and it is OK.


  1. Yayyy for Arlene in the room. A big Yay for 'understanding'. Understanding that 'ideas' are the enemy in the world of self expression. I am also a graphic designer and yet I was allways literally apauled by the expression 'problem solving', as it relates to art...In my mind there is never nor there should be a problem or a solution in the creative realm. I see refreshing sponteneity and movement in your art, have you ever used Portfolio water color soluable oil pastels? You can smear them into each other, use them with water, scratch, or leave them as they are here, so much fun. I absolutely connect with your writing. There is clarity, wisdom, brilliancy and inspiration in your words. Allways sister.

  2. Wow almost a whole month since your last post...studying very hard aren't you dear Arlene.