Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Life Imitates Statistics

My statistics class is finally over. And as difficult as it was, I learned so many things beyond statistics that have already added to my capacity for compassion, both toward myself and others.

For starters, I now know how totally panicky and even shameful it can feel to understand nothing in the face of a task or problem, even the language describing it, much less how to solve it. I put in endless hours of study and tutoring to get over my block. But what about those with learning or developmental challenges, speech or movement challenges, even adults crippled with the invisible disability of illiteracy... what is it like for them? The strength it takes to persevere and struggle through painful, difficult challenges is something we all face. I now have a different understanding of that process, and the patience and respect it deserves.

I also have a new sense of what's possible.

I ended up getting an A- in the class that nearly took me under.
If I can do that, I can do anything.
So can you. So can any of us.

I learned two statistical terms that have additional meaning for me now, having completed this journey. Here are my homages to them. And here's to the next challenge.
"Confidence Interval"

"Degrees of Freedom"


  1. U r amazing & so is the Art!
    Once in an effort to understand dyslexia, I was tasked with completing a simple maze----by looking in a mirror. I still remember how hard it was and how frustrating it was!
    LD individuals have these exhausting struggles every day.
    Thnx for being patient.

  2. Holy amazing Arlene. You got an A-??????????? I am tap dancing for you and anyone else who thinks they can't do something. Wow, Wow, Wow - and did I say WOW??!!!I hope you are celebrating your heart out.

  3. Wow!!! I knew you had it in you when you started joking about the exercises on the board. I said to myself, "This gurl is going to not only pass, she's going to prevail!"

    High-5s to you, girl friend! I hope you have identified some wonderful celebratory activity that is equal to your victory in this class!

  4. right on girl!
    now I just have to ask why?
    Go learn to play the cello now, it has to be easier!

  5. Aenyone else having trouble posting a comment, please let me know, I have heard that from someone. Thanks, Arlene

  6. Love your site. Love the freedom that you embrace. Love your art. Love you honey! Congrats on A-. Not at all surprised!

  7. Oh, I remember my stats class for my Masters program. The instructor's name was Mr. Wright. A classmate said she waited her entire life for Mr. (w)Right. Yuck, yuck. Nice man, good instructor, but I was also glad when the class was over. Congrats on your A!