Thursday, October 13, 2011

On my birthday

On this, my birthday, I celebrate the cycles of life. Like the concentric circles on a tree, my aging creates a pattern unique to me, a mosaic of lines, pictures, patterns, words, people, places, memories. I am happy to be alive and healthy, awake and present to the swirl of life in me and around me, blessed with a roof over my head, tall old trees all around me, people and animals I love, art and writing that inspires me, study and learning that feeds me. I am alive and here today with all my heart, and I am grateful.


  1. Happy, happy birthday Arlene! May you have many more years filled with such love and abundance and richness. Your gratitude is inspiring =-)

  2. You moved me to tears, I love what you wrote and it so illustrates your collage, or is it the other way around...
    I am grateful I met you a while ago and that my circles converge with yours.

    Love, Orly